Australia trip: Queensland, day 2

The next two days I was guided by Patrick De Geest from Eyes on Wildlife, who was an excellent guide and good company, with an extensive knowledge of all the wildlife, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and of the plants also. We had a great day starting in Cairns then heading to Atherton, and finished the day with a nocturnal trip during which we saw possums, gliders, lizards, bats, and a kangaroo that lives in trees.

Olive-backed Sunbirds, the header image is a male Olive-backed Sunbird, the closer one in this image is a female, without the blue throat.

This Scarlet Myzomela is one of a large group of birds known as the Honeyeaters, who all gorge on nectar whenever the trees (or other plants) are producing.

This Umbrella tree was full of many different species of Honeyeater, including White-Cheeked, Scarlet, MacLeay’s and Brown (clockwise from top left)

A better view of the MacLeay’s Honeyeater

Chestnut-breasted Mannikin

I had never before seen a Goose sitting in a tree! This is a Magpie Goose.

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