Day 15; Wild Sumaco

Another day around the lodge at Sumaco, as a new ecosystem in the rain forest there were large numbers of new species to see.

This is a Wattled Guan, the third type of Guan we have seen, members of a family I didn’t know existed before this trip.

The Gorgeted Woodstar, so small that at first you think he’s a bee flitting from flower to flower

The Paradise Tanager looks like he’s wearing a hood, the picture may not be the best but he was about 100 metres away from me.

Another Andean Cock-of-the-rock, this one being the eastern subspecies, who has a much more orange coloration, especially the head.

Yellow-throated Toucan, eastern black-mandibled type, was waiting for us in at the lodge in the pouring tropical rain when we returned to the lodge.

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