Day 12: Cabanas San Isidro

Stayed around the area today, but first, a mention of the Owl. There is a history at this refuge/complex of a Black-banded Owl subspecies that is often seen, and which was spotted last night after supper.

The Black-banded Owl from last night.

This Russet-backed Oropendula is a large bird, about 24 centimetres long.

The Blackburnian Warbler is another migratory bird, one I have previously seen in Canada, during the spring migration as they escape to cooler climes.

Smoke-coloured Pewee, one of a huge number of flycatchers in Ecuador.

This Pale-edged Flycatcher is another.

The Black-eared Hemispingus was yet another first ever viewing, before breakfast.

Later in the day there was this spectacular Booted Racket-tail

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