Day 9, transfer to Guango Lodge

Heading east now, into the Andes at first, then starting to descend. Not a lot to see as we went over the mountain ridge (by which I mean only 3 new species!) and then arriving at Guango Lodge for several new species of Hummingbirds, including one I missed earlier in the trip, and was hoping to see, this one

Sword-billed Hummingbird, the dramatically long beak has evolved to extract nectar from Brugmansia.

Long-tailed Sylph. The tail may get in the way, but Darwin’s understanding of sexual selection explains such exuberant features. The females have a short tail.

Female Long-tailed Sylph. She is quite pretty though, even without the long tail.

The Collared Inca looks almost black.

The White-bellied Woodstar is tiny, the body is only about 3 cm long, not including tail and beak.

Tourmaline Sunangel, a female, which is why her neck is not coloured tourmaline!

This is the male.

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