Day 6, Milpe Bird Sanctuary and at Sachatomie lodge

Early morning, just about dawn we sat in a hide at the lodge.

This female Long-Wattled Umbrellabird was happy to find tasty moths. (Only the male has the long wattle)

Next up in the morning was the stocky Broad-Billed Motmot who also appreciated the moths

This is about the 4th Woodcreeper we have seen, they are all very similar, but I was reliably informed that this one is officially called the Plain Brown Woodcreeper.

This Red-headed Barbet had taken a big mouthful of banana

Thick-billed Euphonia feeding a juvenile

Green Honeycreeper, this is the female who showed up first,

Followed 30 minutes later by the male Green Honeycreeper

Back at Sachatomie the female Red-headed Barbet appeared, I caught her also with her mouth full as she jumped from one perch to another a little higher on the branch. As you can see her head is yellow!

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